What is a fisherman sweater?

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The fisherman sweater originated from the Aran Islands off the coast of Ireland. Originally called the Aran Jumper, it was created by fishermen's wives to keep them warm at sea. ... These days you can find fisherman sweaters in cashmere, merino wool, silk and wool blends, cotton and acrylic.

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Beside the above, Why is it called a fisherman sweater?

The sweaters take their name from the Aran Islands off the Irish coast. Situated at the opening of Galway Bay with the Atlantic Ocean on their other side, these three islands only total about 18 square miles. The islands were home to both farmers and fisherman. ... Enter the fisherman sweaters.

Additionally, How do you wear a fisherman sweater?. If you have a busier top or even a chunky fisherman sweater, balance it with simple jeans, pants or a skirt. With a curvy figure, high-waisted anything is great. I like to also wear high-waisted pieces with the sweater, and pull up the hem so it sits a bit higher on my waist.

Also Know, What are fisherman sweaters called?

Aran Sweaters - Quintessentially Irish

Aran is a style of sweater that takes its name from the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland. Often known as a Fisherman sweater, they are distinguished by their use of complex textured stitch patterns, several of which are combined in the creation of a single garment.

Where do fisherman sweaters come from?

It is a style of sweater, also known as a fisherman's sweater, which originated in the Aran Islands in Connemara, off the west coast of Ireland. These sweaters were traditionally knit in the natural colour of sheep's wool, an off-white or cream colour.

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What is a sweater called in Ireland?

In Ireland a jumper is a pinafore and a sweater is a jumper. A buttoned sweater is a cardigan, and overalls are dungarees.

Are Aran sweaters Irish or Scottish?

The Aran jumper (Irish: Geansaí Árann) is a style of jumper that takes its name from the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland. ... The word used in Irish is geansaí ("guernsey").

Are Aran sweaters handmade?

Aran sweaters are handmade, following the tradition of the people of the Irish coast who first created these sweaters many years ago.

Are Aran sweaters made in Scotland?

Aran sweaters are made in Ireland using traditional methods, with symbolic cabling and knitting techniques, thought to bring good luck, love, joy & more. Merino wool is known as the softest, most comfortable wool available, and almost all of these sweaters are made from 100% Merino wool.

Are Aran jumpers from Arran?

There is the Isle of Arran, which is here, the Aran Isles off the coast of Galway and Aran Mhor off Donegal. No where is this confusion more evident than in the knitting world where Aran Sweaters have been closely identified with the fishing life of the Aran Islands off the coast of Galway in Ireland.

Are fisherman sweaters warm?

Traditionally, fishermen wore hand-knitted jumpers made from untreated wool that retained natural oils – also known as Aran or Guernsey jumpers – to keep warm and dry(ish) whilst out on the Atlantic.

How do you wear an Irish fisherman sweater?

Wearing an Aran sweater with a pair of jeans on a crisp fall day is a great look, or if you're going out to dinner wearing a white Aran sweater with a pair of khaki's and a dress shirt underneath will be a great casual and classy look. Overall, the significance of the Aran sweater and its history can't be denied.

What is a cabled sweater?

: having or made with a knitting stitch that produces a pattern resembling the twist of a usually two-ply cable a cable-knit sweater.

What is it called when you knit one row and purl the next?

Stockinette (or stocking stitch) is a basic stitch that most knitting patterns don't explain because they assume it's already in the crafter's repertoire. ... However, knitting one row, purling the next, and then repeating this process consecutively creates the most classic pattern of all, known as stockinette stitch.

What does Aran mean in knitting?

When your yarn has an Aran weight, it means you need to use a 5mm needle size or hook. This weight of the yarn sometimes refers to a 10-ply yarn. It is a little bigger than a Worsted weight yarn. Aran is in the category of medium-weight yarn. Yarns in this weight category can be made out of wool or acrylic.

Why do fishermen wear Aran jumpers?

Back in the 1950s on the Aran Islands, many of the men were fishermen by trade and, out of necessity to combat the cold and tough conditions of the sea, the women handmade their husbands aran sweaters to keep them warm, hence the name fisherman sweaters we're all familiar with today.

What is special about Aran wool?

Unscoured wool retains its natural lanolin making it water resistant. Perfect for braving the harsh conditions of the unforgiving Atlantic Ocean and a far cry from the soft merino and pure wool yarns that are used today.

What are Aran sweaters made of?

Aran Sweaters were knitted using unscoured wool that kept its natural oils which made the sweaters water-resistant and meant they remained wearable even in wet weather. However, today most Aran Sweaters are knit with a softer wool of Merino wool in natural colour as well as a variety of other colours.

Are Aran sweaters worth it?

Hand knit Aran sweaters are knit usually by women at home as a part-time enterprise, are the best quality and the most expensive. They tend to be knit tightly and from heavier yarn, so the patterns are very well defined. ... Hand knit Aran sweaters are long lasting, keeping their shape and stitch definition for many years.

Do Aran sweaters shrink?

Never use hot or cold water only, because the extreme temperatures can damage the wool fibers and cause the sweater to shrink or the wool to loose its softness.

Do Irish wear Aran sweaters?

The sweaters are Irish through and through, made with wool shorn from Irish sheep and usually woven by machine in Ireland`s western counties of Donegal and Mayo. The origin of the Aran sweater is unknown, but it has been Irish attire for longer than anyone can remember.

How do you wash an Aran wool sweater?

How To Care For Your Aran Garment
  1. Never put in a washing machine or tumble dryer.
  2. For best results we recommend a 5-10 minute soak in Woolie Cold Water Wash.
  3. Gently squeeze suds through. ...
  4. Squeeze gently and roll in a towel to remove excess water.
  5. Pull out carefully into natural sweater shape.

How long does it take to knit an Aran sweater?

It requires on average more than 40 hours of knitting to complete each sweater and as this is a craft mainly carried out by women in their homes when they are sitting down in the evenings, this means that it could take up to 6 weeks to knit just one sweater! Each sweater is truly a labour of love for their craft.

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